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Creative Butterfly Tattoos Creative Butterfly Tattoos

Here's a small collection of creative butterfly tattoos that I've come across. The canadian pharmacy viagra butterfly is often seen as a symbol of transformation, due to its different forms of life. It is a beautiful creature that's quite varied in its coloration and patterns, which make it a great muse for unique tattoo ideas. Which ones are your favorites?

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Septum Piercing for Girls Septum Piercing for Girls

Looking for a different take on the nose piercing? Take a look at the septum piercing, then! The nasal septum is located on the dividing bridge between the nostrils of the nose. The piercing is done through the flesh at the tip of the nose where the cartilage ends. 14 gauge jewelry is often used for this piercing, with the captive bead rings and curved circular barbells being among the more common. Check out this gallery of septum piercings to get some ideas for your piercing!

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Back Tattoos for Girls Back Tattoos for Girls

The back is probably the closest thing a tattoo artist will get to a blank canvas. It gives you and the artist a chance to create large scale works from your imagination. Here’s a handpicked selection of girls with back tattoos to give your creative side something to think about!

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Medusa Piercing for Girls Medusa Piercing for Girls

Located directly under the septum of the nose, the Medusa piercing is a type of upper lip piercing. It’s almost always seen with a labret stud for jewelry, with the ball itself positioned in the dip of the upper lip. Be sure to check out this collection of Medusa piercings!

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Wrist Tattoos Wrist Tattoos

The wrist tattoo is becoming more and more popular. It's a great way to show off some creativity without sacrificing discreteness. Many designs include stars, flo
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Bridge Piercing for Girls Bridge Piercing for Girls

A bridge piercing is pretty much what it sounds like- a simple surface piercing on the bridge above the nose. This piercing is most commonly seen directly between the eyes. Just as with any other surface piercing, there is a chance of rejection. But if cared for properly, this is a great facial piercing! Many girls wear these with curved barbells after initial healing, but straight or D-barbells are also used. Check out these great examples of bridge piercings!

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Eyebrow Piercing for Girls Eyebrow Piercing for Girls

The eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing usually seen just above the corner of the eye. This piercing is most commonly done vertically, using anywhere from 12 to 18 gauge jewelry. There’s lots of options to choose from when deciding on an eyebrow piercing, so take a peek at this collection of pierced eyebrows!

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Navel Piercing for Girls Navel Piercing for Girls

Looking to get your belly button pierced? Then you’re in the right place! The belly button piercing, or navel piercing, is usually found just above the belly button, not directly on it. It’s either a piercing right above or below the belly button. There are plenty of options to choose from for belly button piercing jewelry, so check out this gallery to get a few ideas!

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Lip Piercing for Girls Lip Piercing for Girls

The lip piercing has a lot of unique styles, combinations, and placements available. This piercing is usually seen with 14 gauge or 16 gauge jewelry as either loops, curved barbells, studs, or captive bead rings. Just take a look at this gallery of lip piercings and you’ll see the wide variety of possibilities!

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Rib Tattoos Rib Tattoos

So, you know it's going to hurt, but you want something done on your ribs anyway. Still looking for a few ideas for your rib tattoo? Here's a collection that help get you started. You'll find great designs for scripted rib tattoos, buy viagra in canada floral rib tattoos, star rib tattoos, a several others!
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