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Would you get tattooed for money?

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That is the question that crossed my mind when I saw the tattoo of a website address on Kari Smiths forehead. I am sorry, but there is not enough money for me to add a tattoo to my forehead!

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I love ink and think it is beautiful, but a tattoo on my face would never happen! Especially for $10,000. I am sorry, but I would never alter my body for someone else for a petty 10K.

Smith held an auction on eBay for advertising space on her body to give her 1-year-old son a private viagra generic education., an Internet gambling company, spent $10,000 to have their website address tattooed on Smiths forehead.

“For the all the sacrifices everyone makes, this is a very small one,” she said. “It's a small sacrifice to build a better future for my son,” she said.

“To everyone else, it seems like a stupid thing to do. To me, $10,000 is like $1 million. I only live once, and I'm doing it for my son,” she said.

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What do you think? If someone offered you $10,000 to tattoo a website url on your forhead would you do it? If so, why?cheapest viagra america



  • Karla Spano said:

    What a complete idiot. There is no way in hell I would put a tattoo on my face for anyone. Regardless of what the money was for.

  • WordVixen said:

    On my forehead? For 10K? Absolutely not. My shoulder maybe. I think I’d need “I can buy this house with cash, thanks” money for a boob tat- and I’m not sure there would be enough money to make me tattoo advertising on my forehead. Unless it was Disney. Then I’d just need the house and free access to parks whenever I want. :-D

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  • TattooMomma said:

    @ Karla, I agree with you! Like I said, I like tattoos but would never put one on my forehead!

    @ WordVixen, I probally would put one on my shoulder or leg for $10K. I am sure I could spend that money, but there is not enough money in the world to pay me to ruin my face!

  • Rock and Roll Mama said:

    Whoa. No, huh uh, no way. And does that company actually think that will be a POSITIVE advertisement for what they do?

    To me, tattoos represent the ultimate expression of individuality- a way of saying “This is what matters to me in this world.” I wouldn’t sell that.

    I think that poor lady just did her son a grave disservice by becoming the mom with a on her forehead in his private school. That won’t fly…

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  • TattooMomma said:

    @ Rock and ROll Momma,
    Your right 100%. I hope she realizes that 10K will only cover a years worth of private school anyway. So next year she will have to tattoo something else for money.

  • Anonymous Venice said:

    Is this for real??? Really?? OMG! I would never ever ever tattoo anything on my forehead. Especially not someone else’s .com However this golden palace site– they win all kinds of auctions. I say they got a great deal!

  • Delaney said:

    I wouldn’t tattoo any advertisement any where on my body for any amount of money. It is just dumb and something you will regret when the money runs out. Then you are left with covering it up with a really big tat or laser it off. Not worth it.

  • TattooMomma said:

    @ Anonymous Venice the tattoo if for real. It was all over the news.

    @ Delaney, Me either! Maybe a small something on my ankle or somewhere I could cover of would be worth a few million! My body would not come cheap!

  • chase said:

    yes i would i need money :)

  • Wick said:

    I wonder how much she got after taxes? hahaha

  • Stephanne said:

    I would have offered up boob space.You can only cover so much with bangs, but boobs would be a better display and can be covered with simple shirts.

  • brian floyd said:

    who do u have to talk to, to get paid for putting logos on ur body

  • Kendin Tasarla said:

    Rednecks only do these kind of things.. But her story a bit saddening.

  • magnus said:

    why not receive the $10,000 for the tattoo.. and spend $1,000 for laser removal? she should out smart these people….. i wouldn’t want HER genetics getting me through private school anyways

  • lil lovely said:

    If i were this woman’s child i would be forever greatful. A private school education is unattainable by so many people. Growing up without money allows me to understand her choice, $10,000 is like a million, especially if someone you loves has the chance to benefit from it so greatly. If it was for my child, i would do it too; if that was my last option. Public schooling is a joke.

  • ana said:

    Rock and Roll mama is right in a certain aspect.
    tattoos do show individuality, and self expression.
    Obviously the love she has for her son,and her desire to grant him with a good education, is her way expressing that though her tattoo.

  • Annie said:

    Your telling me if you where poor and wanted to give your child the best education YOU wouldn’t sacrifice a forehead. That may sound ridiculous to anyone who isn’t poor or do not have kids. But to me it is what being a mother is about. Doing what you can to get your children the best. She can cover it up with makeup or her hair. I just wish I would have thought of this!! Genesis!!

  • Jeanne said:

    Damn it, and I had my forehead tattooed, just because my boyfriend wanted it !!
    I think mine is more colorful and prettier, but I got no money for it !
    What is the going price nowadays? How much for a cheek, or a whole face ?
    I was considering tattoos for my cheeks, but maybe I’ll do it for money too !