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Merry Christmas From Tattoo Momma

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christmas tattooI wanted to take a few minute to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Christmas is normally my favorite time of the

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year, but this year it has been some what of a drag. discount generic cialis online I just could not get into the holiday season….At any rate… Perhaps if you are feeling the holiday blues, this Santa getting ink will lift your spirit! Check out the Biker looking Rudolph!

I have searched endlessly for some nice holiday tattoos and was not able to find much at all, with the exception of a beautiful Christmas tree tattoo from

I am in love with this Christmas tree tattoo. With Christmas normally being my favotire holiday, it really put a twinkle in my eye when I found it. There is nothing any more pretty than a decorated Christmas tree lit up!


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  • christina said:

    I’ve been searching for pictures of a Christmas tree (or Christmas themed in general) tattoo! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and time of year and I’ve been going over the idea of getting a tattoo of such since well before I was ever old enough to get a tattoo period. This one is awesome!

  • Nathalie said:

    Beautiful tattoo! I’m thinking about a santa tattoo somewere on my body. I already have 4 tattoes =) a pinup, a jukebox, a lizzard and a dragon! Merry Christmas btw!