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Cupcake Tattoos

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Cupcake tattoos are one of my favorite designs

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for girls! Ever since I saw my very 1st cupcake

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tattoo I have been in love with them! The really viagra uk purchase fun thing about cupcake tattoos are how colorful they can be. I love bright bold colors and when you do a – Huge Epcs & Monthly Commissions!

sweets theme cupcakes fit in perfect!

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I got my first cupcake tattoo a few weeks ago on my left foot. I will be adding in other sweets, like candy pieces and lollipops to complete my sweet theme and will have both feet done with different cupcakes and ideas on each.

Check out these really nice cupcake tattoos!



  • Faith said:

    Im getting a cupcake for ym first tattoo. :] Im so excited! When you get your peice done (the lollipops and candy) you should post a picture so i can check it out. :] I wish I could see more of the girl in the slide show with the checkered shirt, her sleeve looks amazing. <3

  • Delaney said:

    I have a tattoo pattern that has lollipops, cupcakes and candy pieces and I love the colors but I’m not sure about getting that type of tattoo due to my age. Didn’t get tattooed until I was 50 so I’m not sure about it, but I might just say fooie and go for it.