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Corset Piercings

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The latest body piercing craze is the corset piercing. I have to admit, that the corset piercings are very sexy in the way they emulate the appearance of the corset with a series of bilaterally symmetrical piercings. This piercings consists of severa

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l surface piercings with rows pierced down the back (normally). Each piercing generally consists of rings and ribbons are laced through each bead ring to mimic a tied corset.

I have

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saw corset piercings done on legs and on the side

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of the body as well.

Most corset piercings are for temporary use. The corset piercing healing time discount viagra no rx is long and one is subject to infection or rejection especially if done with captive bead rings and lacked immediately. Corset piercings done with captive bead rings will almost always end up in rejection. A corset piercing that is done to be permanent should be pierced with surface bars.

Even though using surface bars are not as sexy as rings with lace, if you want to try and have your corset piercing long term, it is a must for proper healing.

Here are some pictures of corset piercings….

What do you think about corset piercing?


  • Surface piercings and pictures | said:

    [...] Corset piercing [...]

  • Delaney said:

    I have seen pictures of some women that left them in too long and they had horrible scars on their backs. I don’t think it is worth it for look unless you do it, get pictures maybe go out and show off for the evening then get it out. I talked to the piercer where I just got tattooed and a lot of the problem is the jewelery. If it has nickle in it, it is junk. She orders higher grade from England only and has less rejection problems. Plus some people are just bad candidates for piercing.

  • Brittany said:

    i think the corset piercing is amazing im going to get one just for the summer before i have to worry about working and everything then i’m taking it out but regardless they are amazing piercings and VERY sexy

  • ashley allen said:

    well i got corset piercings done but on my arms which is an odd place i know but i only hade mine done to rebel aginst my parents and for school pictures the next day and i took them out within 3 days because if you leave them in too long you will more than likely get horrible scarring on wherever you got them done i dont hve scary just little tiny holes that i can pit like bars or something through well im at school so ill ttyl!!!!!

  • Shelby said:

    Corset peircings are cute as but their not worth the risk. Especailly in the usual tattoo/peircing shops. They don’t use the right quality rings and you’re lucky if you can find one that will do surface bars…

  • allyssa said:

    thats how my tatoos gonna look

  • Ivy said:

    no, corset piercings should NOT be done with surface bars, because those too can rejects and leave even bigger scars than a ring

    if anything, permanent piercings should be done with micro dermal anchors with a ring attached to it, those will not reject, your flesh fuses to it as it heals

    i have dermal anchors on my lower back, and they cause no problems

    stop giving people bad information

  • kelly said:

    These Are Tacky,, Only Sluts Would Have Them Done :) :) RidiculARSE.. They Looks So Un Classy,, TRAMPY !!

  • MeganMicrophone said:

    Wow,their Beautiful,when iam 18 getting them in both my sides !! Ahh beautiful!

  • B-Rose said:

    ive got friends who r planing on getin the corset done. i think its up 2 then n they have that choice. i think its hot on chicks who have the right body for them. i plan on gettin one done…

  • Kamy said:

    not one of these pictures looks good. i could not imagine doing this to my body.

  • Juliana said:

    i love corset piercings and i’m gonna have them done as soon as i’m 18 :P but iv’e heard that there are some rings that are made of something that the skin doesn’t reject.

  • jason said:

    i think thier sexy as hell

  • brad said:

    These are very hot they look awsome very sexy. i like the narrow back ribbons full lengh of back but thats just my preference.

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