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Awareness Tattoo Designs

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I always love to see tattoos that have a real meaning behind them. Often we see tattoos and wonder what the story is behind the tattoo design. Well, today I generic cialis without prescription was surfing looking for some cool tattoo pictures to share here and I came across the tattoo to my left. It is an Autism awareness tattoo.

When I first saw it, it grabbed my attention.

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I mean, it literally jumped out at me and I thought WOW. What a great idea for a tattoo design, one with true meaning that delivers awareness to everyone who sees it.

So in light of spreading some awareness around the tattoo community, I want to share with you some great awareness tattoo designs I found on Flickr.

Awareness Tattoo Design Pictures

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  • Kirsten said:

    I love awareness tattoos. I’m planning on getting an Autism Awarness tattoo for my little brother as my first tattoo. Just a small puzzle peice heart on the inside of my left wrist. I can’t wait to get it.

  • Lily Evans said:

    there is still no permament solution for autism. we just have to take good care of the kids who are suffering autism.”.-

  • Lauren Wright said:

    there has been no permanent cure for autism yet but i think stem cells could also help’.`